Our Process

What should you expect when you hire Films Nouveau?

We know it’s overwhelming to plan a wedding- picking dates, venues, photographers, dresses, and more. Because of this, we want the process of finding the right videographer for your wedding to be as painless as possible. This page lists what you can expect when booking with us, as well as answers to some commonly asked questions.

The first step of our process begins with your initial inquiry: You send us a message to see if we’re available for your date through our contact page. We get your message, and if your date is available, we’ll e-mail or call you back (depending on your chosen contact method) with an initial response. If you’re interested in learning more / booking us for your wedding, we then set up a time for a consultation.

We are available for consultations in-person in Lake Geneva or Burlington, Wisconsin. If you are not able to travel, we can also do our consultation over the phone, or via Facetime or Skype.

We love the consultation because it gives us time to get to know you, and get a feel for your wedding style. You can ask all your questions, and we can help step you through what to expect.

When you are ready to book, we require a retainer of half the package price with the signed contract to reserve your date. The remainder is due two weeks prior to your wedding date.

After booking, we get your welcome packet ready. It contains our beautiful brochure with tips, information, and wisdom for your wedding day. It also contains a copy of your contract, as well as any other applicable documents.

About one month prior to your wedding, we send out a questionnaire, which should be returned no later than one week prior to your wedding. This questionnaire will form the basis of how we proceed on your wedding day.

In addition, we set up a final pre-wedding consultation, usually via phone, to finalize the details. We will go over the questionnaire together, and make sure we’re all on the same page so that your day runs flawlessly.

With all of our details set, there isn’t much you have to think about- except getting married! We will arrive at our designated time, and begin filming. Your coverage generally starts 30 minutes to an hour before you even see us- we’re busy getting shots outside, and aerial footage if it’s part of your chosen package.

We do like to have just 5-10 minutes set aside during the course of the wedding day to get specialized shots of you as a new couple, if it’s possible. Other than that, we’ve had couples comment on how they forgot we were even there!

  • Upload Footage to PC

  • Make Back-Up Copy

  • Make Storyboard

  • Select Music

  • Edit Footage Audio

  • Initial Edit

  • Initial Export

Each wedding undergoes a comprehensive editing process for the highlights film. After the footage is uploaded to the computer and backed up, a storyboard is prepared to decide how the film will progress. Afterwards, there is the complex process of finding the right music to reflect the story and footage. The audio and footage is edited, processed, color corrected, and assembled together to form your highlights film, and is exported in a format to be uploaded online for your review. This process takes up to 20 weeks total.

Sending Your Film Out For Approval:

Once the initial version of your highlights film is finished, we upload it online. We then send you a link to watch on your own private page. Most often, our clients are so happy with their film that they approve it and are ready to share immediately! Other times, some subtle revisions may be requested to make it just perfect for you.

What Kind of Revisions Can I Request?

We do not offer complete re-edits on our wedding films, but we do allow one round of subtle revisions if a client requests them in writing within 7 days. If there’s a shot that you really don’t like, or something you really hoped would be included, we can discuss to figure out how we can make it perfect for you! It’s important to realize that we generally choose clips based on what we know will work and flow best for your specific film, and edit accordingly.

How Long Do Revisions Take?

Once your revisions are requested, the total editing, exporting, and uploading time usually clocks in at about 1-2 weeks. Then we’re ready to send it off for you to share with friends and family!

We are partnered with MediaZilla to deliver your films in a user-friendly, painless way. Not only are you able to access your film on any device, complete with DVD/Blu-Ray-like menus and graphics, but you’re easily able to download it for offline use on your computer, Apple TV, or device. The website also makes it easy peasy to make hard copies to play on DVD or Blu-Ray players if you have a burner.

Our Style

“Cinematic” VS “Traditional”

Let’s face it- the cinematic style wedding films are the bread and butter here at Films Nouveau. With that being said, you may be wondering the difference between traditional/simple edits and cinematic edits. What does it all mean?

Cinematic Edit:

  • Not necessarily in chronological order
  • Uses only highlights from footage- not entire event
  • Set to music
  • Uses bits and pieces from original audio
  • Specialized shots / angles that add drama
  • Looks more “filmic”

Traditional/Simple Edit:

  • Plays back in chronological order
  • Shows entire event, not just highlights
  • No music is added
  • Uses only original audio from the event
  • 1 – 2 static camera angles are typical
  • Looks like standard “video”, like a documentary