Our Story


We are the husband/wife team behind Films Nouveau, and we’d love to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves!

Meet Kayci

I got my first video-camera when I was 11 years old. Okay… it wasn’t actually mine; my parent’s bought it to document their extensive house rehab. With that being said, I quickly adopted the camera and took it upon myself to not just document the rehab project, but to document everything. The camera was essentially glued to my hand 90% of the time. Quite honestly, it still is. Whether I’m filming my daughter dancing around in the living room, or filming a grand wedding- I’m always filming or documenting something. I hope that my passion for cinematography is seen in our work, and would love the chance to document your memories as well!

Meet Tim

Having known Kayci for much of my life, it was easy to see that she always had a videocamera in her hand. It was never a question- she always had it with her. Throughout those years, I took an interest in cinematography as well, and started filming weddings with her around the time we got married in 2009. As far as hobbies go, I enjoy performing with my band as a drummer/vocalist, or writing and recording music in our home studio. I also enjoy cooking and trying out new interesting recipes. Above all else, I like being able to spend time with my daughter, Annika.

Our Vegas Trip Highlights

This is one of our home videos- a trip to Las Vegas in December 2016!


Filmed First Wedding. Although done simply as a gift for a friend, this was the start of Films Nouveau as it’s known today. The minute that Kayci finished the first wedding film, she knew she HAD to do it again! By word of mouth, she was able to continue filming weddings for family, friends, and acquaintances during the next two years, with Tim eventually joining to create the Films Nouveau team.

Got Married. Tim and Kayci got married in June of 2009. Fun fact: one of their big regrets from their wedding is that they didn’t hire a videographer. Ironic, isn’t it? Instead, they set up video cameras on tripods to capture the ceremony, and had friends and family film some of the reception. Kayci also filmed a good portion at their reception (she just can’t stay away from videocameras, even as the bride)!


Annika Eisley. Kayci and Tim took a break from filming weddings during the years of 2013 – 2014, due to the birth of their first child, Annika Eisley. During that time, aside from a few commissions, their cameras were focused more on capturing their everyday lives, and the memories of the first 2 years of their daughter’s life. They also focused more on their music during this time, playing with two bands and writing/recording in their spare time.

It’s Go Time. With a completely booked 2017 season, Films Nouveau is now booking for 2018-2019. Are you interested in meeting with Kayci and Tim about filming your special day? They’d love to hear from you!